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5 months ago

Listen to Rou Chater's in-depth review of ION's Seek Select 5/4mm Front Zip 2023 - click here for all the details!

10 months ago

Earlier this year, Rou Chaters travelled to CORE Dealers Meeting in South Africa, where he had the chance to test out their latest gear, including...

11 months ago

During the 2023 Kite & Wing Demo Weekender at The Beach., Littlehampton, Rou Chater speaks to Tom Beaton from Maxtracks Limited to find out more...

1 year ago

Multiple World Champion Titouan Galea sits down with Rou Chater to chat about where he came from and how he embraced the sport of wing...

1 year ago

Have you ever wondered how to set up your hydrofoil in the mast track? Should you put it at the front, in the middle or...

1 year ago

Rou Chater reviews the new F-ONE Seven Seas 1400 hydrofoil set-up, talking through the benefits compared to the Phantom 1480.

2 years ago

Ralf Grösel has been at the forefront of paraglider and kite design for the last 26 years; he's also helped set up and worked in...

3 years ago

FacePlant Sunglasses The world's most sustainable sunglasses, created using recycled plastic frames with biodegradable lenses, and an indestructible design! Back them now and be one...