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4 months ago

James Casey shares his Thursday thoughts on the skills you should work on before heading out for your first Downwind Foil in this episode of…

5 months ago

Thursday thoughts with James Casey! Get your tickets to the screening of The Downwinder at the Collaroy Cinema, on June 24 here!

2 years ago

Could this be the future of downwind foiling? Wing upwind, deflate and downwind.

2 years ago

This downwind run is enough to inspire you to give downwinding a go. Its got great footage and awesome conditions and the new RS foils!…

2 years ago

Another James Casey video where he really shows the appeal of wing foiling in waves, he even has the local surfers watching him. See more…

2 years ago

For the most of us this is real world surfing and it really showcases surf foiling. Less than average waves and some magical rides. One…

2 years ago

The GWA Wingfoil European Championship was a huge success and although the weather made the first day tricky the competitors were keen to put on…

2 years ago

Turn your wave session into a downwinder. Looks like a dreamy session withnot a huge amount of swell but ideal to get up and commence…

2 years ago

James Casey is making tricky conditions look epic again. Light winds, a big wing and a small board looks so appealing except the rocks, they…