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7 years ago

Here is a short, but oh so sweet edit from the Sunset Beach Pro a while back, Matty Schweitzer capturing some of the best action...

7 years ago

Looks like Mr Vaz is enjoying support from a new board and paddle provider, and seems to be pretty well frothing on his new gear....

7 years ago

Amazing conditions for the Sunset pro this year. Check out the highlights of the finals here.

7 years ago

More amazing action from the Sunset Pro day 3. Pumping again, and looking absolutely awesome.

7 years ago

The first day of the APP World Tour started with some crazy weather here on Day 1 of the Sunset Beach Pro 2017. Looks like...

7 years ago

Sunset Beach... the best SUP surfers in the world... I'm looking forward to watching this for sure! The newly branded APP World Tour launches its...

8 years ago

Let's go back to when those amazing sets hit the Sunset Beach Pro at the beginning of the year, when the waves look this good...