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6 years ago

Feeling like a bit of a stretch today? Join Soraya Sánchez as she guides you through an easy upper body routine to open up your…

7 years ago

Who's feeling bendy today? SUP Yoga has to be the ultimate expression of control and balance on a board, we've got a technique section dedicated…

7 years ago

A little look back at 2017 with Algarve SUP, some awesome looking trips and SUP options on offer... including proposals in a cave!

7 years ago

This looks like a pretty idyllic little set up... Fanatic riders Kirsty Jones and Maria Andres joined the ION Club Team to discover the beauty…

7 years ago

What a fantastic escape from city life. We need natural movement around us and natural light to stimulate our body's natural desire to sleep, and…

7 years ago

To many, yoga is a form of exercising. To others, yoga is a lifestyle filled with morals to live by on a day-to-day basis. In…

7 years ago

Smack... take that... there you go! Starboard deliver on their freshest sticks which will be gracing shops, mags and demos near you soon, if not…

7 years ago

A great little SUP Yoga . Watch this SUP Yoga episode with French SUP Yogini Sarah Hébert. Eventually she gives us a short lesson for…

7 years ago

Get your yoga on. This is a full guided yoga session, so maybe take your ipad or phone down to the water front, find a…