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6 years ago

Straight up bonkers... I'm scared of the dark and have to sleep with a light on, Mark Visser just seems to go searching for monsters.…

7 years ago

This event looks so good. Such a great concept, would love to see it in Europe some time... The Ultimate Waterman heads into the deep…

7 years ago

Alexis Deniel is a BIC ambassador and it's pretty clear why. Some slick longboarding and super aggressive SUP shredding here. Little bit gratuitous with the…

7 years ago

STOP! If you watch one video on cold water surfing, make it this. I am so jealous of this trip, being a warm blooded rubber…

7 years ago

Pete Trow was always one of the most stylish and effortless looking kitesurfers on a wave way back in the early days of kiting. Here…

7 years ago

Yes, that speck on the camera is a surfer! More footage of Jamie Mitchell, Kai and some other serious watermen prone paddling into Nazare. Boom.…

7 years ago

Awesome footage of Mr.Hamilton shredding ocean swell on his tow foil... there's a reason this guys a pioneer!

7 years ago

HEAVY... Hawaii celebrated Christmas in style a few weeks back. Pipeline goes off, and an allstar cast was there to shred it. Even Kelly got…

7 years ago

Question... is this the future of SUP? tiny boards, massive airs and super radical turns and barrels? The Hurley team are about as progressive as…