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2 years ago

If you haven't seen the official highlights yet watch them here! Take a look at some of the insane action from the Red Bull Heavy…

3 years ago

Last year the Red Bull Heavy Water was PUMPING! Check out this trailer and don't miss this years event. Coming up next, Red Bull Heavy Water…

3 years ago

Get some awesome SUP action in your face this Monday with this high paced round up of the last few rounds of the APP World…

3 years ago

Check out the highlights from the Long Distance race at the APP Japan Pro Am over the weekend, some intense paddle battles going down and…

3 years ago

Calendars at the ready, let's get steady for the first race of the season on the 11th of March coming live from the  on Maui, Hawaii…

3 years ago

Amazing conditions for the Sunset pro this year. Check out the highlights of the finals here.

3 years ago

More amazing action from the Sunset Pro day 3. Pumping again, and looking absolutely awesome.

3 years ago

The first day of the APP World Tour started with some crazy weather here on Day 1 of the Sunset Beach Pro 2017. Looks like…

3 years ago

This event looks so good. Such a great concept, would love to see it in Europe some time... The Ultimate Waterman heads into the deep…