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We build paddles for enthusiasts who value every minute they spend on the water. We have met our customers, and they are us. We build paddles for outdoor enthusiasts who value every minute they spend on the water. Our customers live to take a week-long paddling trip each summer, go on many outings on local rivers, or get up every morning to tour the lake they live on. They love to be outdoors and on the water, with family and friends. In short, they are just like us. Since our first kayak paddle dipped into the water in 1991, Aqua-Bound has occupied a special place among paddlers. In large part, because we never let exceptional be our signature, we go one step further. Our mission has always been to take what's best about paddle technology and push it to new levels. That's what led us to introduce the first gas-assist molded paddle blades. And that's what has made us the leading producer of plastic-bladed kayak paddles. In 2008, the Aqua-Bound brand took another step forward by joining Branches, LLC, the industry-leading producers of Bending Branches canoe and kayak paddles. As a Branches brand, Aqua-Bound has continued its innovative ways, fine-tuning the Ray series paddles, adding a promising Performance series and, in all ways, continuing the Aqua-Bound tradition of extraordinary quality and service. As the world's largest manufacturer of quality canoe and kayak paddles, we remain a privately held company in NW Wisconsin, staffed by paddling enthusiasts. This translates into countless hours spent designing, prototyping, testing, and perfecting each of our paddles. And when that's done, we go back and look at ways to build them even better. Lighter, stiffer, smarter, more durable, and more beautiful. Millions of customers have found our paddles to be their long-term companions on adventures, both long and short. Rest assured, your paddle will have the Aqua-Bound personal touch. We build paddles for recreational enthusiasts who value every minute they spend on the water. 1991 Outdoor & sporting goods company £££

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