Bounce SUP

Bounce SUP

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3 years ago

There is glass, and then there is glass, how utterly incredible is this? Paddling in Alaska while taking in the pure wonder and majesty of…

4 years ago

We've not got our hands on one of the bounce SUPs. This is a pretty awesome way to showcase how good their construction is... We…


At Bounce SUP, we engineer and manufacture the most durable paddleboard using patented thermoplastic composite technology. Made in USA. Eco Friendly. Bounce SUP™ is the direct brand from Bounce Composites®. At Bounce Composites®, we design, engineer and manufacture large thermoplastic composite parts. Bounce Composites® was born from an understanding that thermoplastic composites are inherently better than thermoset composites. Let’s look at the facts. Thermoplastic composites are more durable. They have faster manufacturing cycle times. They require less labor and have a process and product with a smaller environmental footprint. What does this mean? It means Bounce Composites® can build better products at competitive prices and we can do it here, in California. Bounce Composites® found its niche in processing relatively large continuous fiber thermoplastic parts, including hollow and core-filled objects. These hollow products are not built of two halves, but are truly single parts without a seam. Meaning that they utmost durable. We have used this technology along with our past experience selling to retail stores to launch our own stand up paddleboard brand, Bounce SUP™. We have built thousands of SUPs for our OEM partners, and we will continue to do so. You are buying a great Bounce technology board, whether you prefer their shapes or ours. Bounce Composites is more than just paddleboards. Founded by James Hedgecock Outdoor and sporting goods company ££

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