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BUOY WEAR sells apparel for the water sports enthusiast. With our patent pending technology, we manufacture the only floating hat you'll ever need! BUOY WEAR is dedicated to creating the most innovative products for water activities and water sports enthusiasts. We have a passion for kitesurfing, SUPing (stand up paddle boarding), surfing, wakeboarding, and fishing. Wind, water, and sunny conditions mean that wearing a hat is a must. Long hours in the sun can damage the eyes and skin, so a hat is absolutely needed, but being active in the wind means it can blow or fall off into the water... And then it can sink and be hard to retrieve, sacrificed to the water gods for good. That's why our first product released to the public is our patent pending, BUOY WEAR floating hat. This hat is exemplary of what BUOY WEAR is all about. You will never need another hat again, as this hat looks stylish on and off the water, and since it floats like a buoy, you will never lose it. It is also quick dry and insulated, so it keeps your head warmer in cold water, but cooler in the hot sun. If you love water sports and activities, then you will love our BUOY WEAR floating hat, and we bet you will want one in each of our stylish colors. Stay tuned for more game changing products brought to you only by BUOY WEAR. Clothing (brand)

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