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Wings Foils SUP Surf Reviews - Jimmy Lewis Hanalei 10'0 2017
Wings Foils SUP Surf Reviews - Jimmy Lewis Hanalei 10'0 2017
Jimmy Lewis Hanalei

Some boards you just want to look at, and the Hanalei is one of those. I think for me it was the fact it felt well proportioned, at 130 litres spread over the 10-foot length and 28-inch width the volume seems relatively well distributed throughout the board, and to the untrained eye, it could look more like a scaled up…

2 years ago

Some original archive footage of the early wing days on Maui using a Kitewing imported from the snow-covered mountains of Finland. Riding on a 7ft…

5 years ago

Have you seen the Super Frank from Jimmy Lewis? Jimmy was creating some of the first SUP's around back in the day and he and…

6 years ago

Check out this rather mellow SUP foil edit, the more we see of these videos the more we can see the sport grow and the…

6 years ago

Jimmy Lewis and his team are getting with the foil programme now. Here is a sneaky first peek at some raw footage of one of…

6 years ago

Jimmy's final video in his series on board construction. The bit us mere mortals might one day need: new deckpad. Sit back and enjoy the…

6 years ago

This is the final stages, and the bit most of us would actually identify with, i.e; the shiny new board... what a process... bit more…

6 years ago

Jimmy getting to where we might think things are finishing up, but looks like the detailing has just begun. The all important hot coat, which…

6 years ago

Have you ever picked up your board, and thought, how the hell do they get the handle right in the middle? This is more secrets…

6 years ago

Jimmy on day 3 of his epoxy board. I find this totally mesmerising to watch. Check out the carbon going under his feet. So awesome.…

6 years ago

Day 2: Bottom Lamination + Poor Mans Vacuum Jimmy slopping glass all over his bottom! If you've ever paddled or surfed a custom construction, then…

6 years ago

Jimmy, the master at work. SUP, kiteboards, Surf boards, wind surf boards... this guys has been there, done that. If you have any interest in…

6 years ago

A quick edit of Craig Fascione SUP Surfing down in the deep south of England on a fickle but well frequented south coast reef, on…

Issue 5

We have a range of boards on test this issue, from inflatables to wave sticks as well as an adjustable paddle from F-One.

5 years ago
Issue 2

Mary Booth heads to the city of Venice, surrounded by water there are no roads for cars and gondolas are the preferred form of transport. Once a year, though, paddle boards dominate the waterways!

6 years ago

Jimmy Lewis has been shaping surfboards, kiteboards, and Stand Up Paddleboards for 50 years! This is a page for fans of his boards and these sports.

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