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3 months ago

Need a dose of surf motivation? Look no further than Rob Pike, a truly inspiring human whose daughter's love of surfing got him out there…

8 months ago

Koa Rothman scored some crazy sandbars on North Shore! These sandbars only last a couple of days after a big swell... so he takes full…

9 months ago

After a year of chasing big waves and getting barreled around the world, Koa Rothman just released This is Livin' The Movie 2.0!

2 years ago

Now THAT'S dedication - 2.5 hours of sunlight, big tides, winter storms; not your ideal starting conditions for a mission. Regardless, it was what Hartkopp arrived…

3 years ago

Doesn’t matter where. Doesn’t matter when. Doesn’t matter who you are or how you do it — nothing feels as good as surfing in boardshorts!…

3 years ago

This vid is guaranteed to get you stoked about surfing! 'Gone Tomorrow' celebrates the power of NOW. Our world moves fast. It goes a million…

3 years ago

Ladies and Gentlemen! Say hello to your 2017 World Surf League Rookie Of The Year Connor O'Leary.

3 years ago

Ever heard of the Eddie Aikau big wave event in Hawaii? If you haven't, watch this and be enlightened, if you have, then watch this and…

4 years ago

How cool is this, check out some of the local San Francisco crew scoring some monster swell back in January right under the Golden Gate…

4 years ago

HEAVY... Hawaii celebrated Christmas in style a few weeks back. Pipeline goes off, and an allstar cast was there to shred it. Even Kelly got…

4 years ago

Hawaii. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s reputation may be even bigger and bolder than itself. But all that aside, the enchanted island is diverse.…

4 years ago

Some of the sickest surfing we've seen from men or women. Fair play to Nicole... This is her year in surfs from Mexico to Mauritius…

Issue 5

Laurent Nevarez and friends head over to the Philippine island of Siargao and discover an untouched paradise of hidden gems with endless rights and lefts in abundance!

3 years ago
Issue 5

Bryn James looks at the role of Stance in your paddling journey and takes you through all the basics and some of the more advanced techniques to ensure you paddle efficiently and maintain balance!

3 years ago
Issue 1

Bryn James, our Technique Editor, looks the factors concerning board choice, how to behave at a SUP Demo and those first paddle strokes.

4 years ago

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