Werner Paddles

Werner Paddles


2 years ago

This short film set in Alaska is superb. It's incredibly important that we are aware of the impact of plastic on our environment. Decision is…

5 years ago

Watch This Weeks Wipeout Wednesday! We're not sure what was more shocking... the wipeouts or the old man!

5 years ago

Join Jess Leedy in this action packed SUP surf adventure. The POV footage gives you a really cool perspective of what looks like an amazing…

6 years ago

Equipment choice in SUP is everything, with so many shapes and designs out there it can be a minefield, join Josh Riccio, you recently came…

6 years ago

Who would have thought SUP river surfing would be so prevalent in Iowa! The whitewater park in Charles City Iowa has got quite the wave…

6 years ago

River surfing??? No, not a tidal bore, and no, not a whitewater descent... RIVER SURFING... I didn't even know it was a thing and this…

6 years ago

Fiona Wylde showing us how we can make the most of winter. This session from July 2016, an Aussie winter. Some smooth surfing on show…


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