Red Paddle Co have been in the game for years, and they are consistently leading the way with their technology too. Inflatable boards have come a long way from those early days and with innovations such as MSL Fused Double Layer Technology, and the Rocker Stiffening System Red Paddle Co have successfully proved their mantra that inflatable boards don’t have to be a compromise.

This year the MSL Fused Double Layer Tech is being used to make all the boards, it’s a cleaner process than the older double layer technology, plus the finish is far better with no bumps or blemishes as the human factor in preparing the board for lamination has been removed. The most significant developments, however, are that the team have created boards that are stiffer than anything else around, while also being lighter too. On average, an MSL board will be 2 kilos lighter than a standard double layer board.

Couple this new construction method with proven shapes and the Rocker Stiffening System and you have boards that can be pumped up to 20psi leaving them feeling almost as hard as a solid board. This makes for an improved riding experience on the water and far better performance than the inflatable boards of old. The new Titan Pump makes getting the pressures up in these boards easy and, of course, Red Paddle Co finish the package off with some excellent bags and foldable paddles too.

Another innovation for 2017 is the Forward Flex Control on the Elite range. This uses a pole to stiffen the front section of the board, making it exceedingly stiff and improving the handling in rough and choppy conditions. The pole, of course, can be collapsed so the board and pole along with the paddle still fit in the bag. We’ll get one on test as soon as possible, but the system looks very well thought out.

Red Paddle Co have also teamed up with RAM Mounts and have placed one of these of the nose of each board this year, the RAM Mount is glued on at the factory and features a threaded mount so you can attach just about anything you desire. GoPro’s are the obvious choice, but there are also fishing rod holders and you can even attach your phone or iPad! They have also hooked up with Fusion Entertainment to provide audio entertainment with their boards too, so you never need miss your favourite radio show, or just listen to the latest tunes while you are out on the water.

Lastly, adding some fun to the mix is the all new Dragon board, taking its name from the famous racing gigs the board is designed for four people to stand on and paddle at the same time. Unlike the MegaSUPs the Dragon has a more race orientated shape and the riders stand in a line not side by side. It’s a beast at 22ft long, but by using the MSL Fusion construction technique Red Paddle Co have kept the weight down to just 23 kilos including the bag!

This makes it ideal for travelling, between the four riders you can easily get the board, paddles and all your luggage on a plane too to travel to an event. The idea was to bring team paddling to the sport of SUP, you and your friends can get one, learn to ride it and then race it at events that Red Paddle Co have in the pipeline, there is even talk of a world championship! We all know SUP is one of the best sports around, so the chance to share it with your buddies looks like a fantastic idea to us!

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Fri 9th Sep, 2016 @ 3:30 pm

By Rou Chater
Rou Chater has been kitesurfing for over twenty years, paddleboarding for the last six years, and was there testing the first wingsurfer from Naish in Tarifa when it arrived on the continent. He is passionate about riding waves and exploring new places. As the publishing editor, he oversees everything at Tonic but also our sister magazines IKSURFMAG and IMB. He's been on the water since he was born and has never looked back, in the winter you'll find him chasing swells in the Caribbean and during the summer he can be found all over Europe at various SUP, Kitesurf and Mountain Bike events getting features for the magazines.

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