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North Swell 2024

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Introducing the Swell, a dedicated prone surf foilboard that is designed for optimal performance in the waves. With its lightweight yet durable hybrid carbon construction and high-density dual stringers, the Swell offers a stiff, responsive, and maneuverable ride. The grip-friendly concaved forward rails make duckdiving and pop-ups easy, while the wedged tail shape improves pumpability.

For the upcoming year, the Swell features an efficient tri-plane hull design, providing more stability during take-offs and effortless touchdown recovery. The board has a lower entry rocker and refined profile in each size, offering increased effective surface area to support your weight when prone and enhance paddling speed. The new non-abrasive max-traction heat-embossed deck grip features a centerline ridge and transverse markers for tactile and visual stance referencing.

The integrated tail kickpad includes cutouts for your feet while prone paddling. Additionally, the Swell comes with a board with EVA deckpad, leash attachment loop, GORE™ Vent*, and a DropBox Screw Pack. The grip-friendly concaved forward rails make duckdiving and pop-ups a breeze, and the lightweight Hybrid Carbon Technology with dual PVC stringers ensures optimal performance.

The Swell's decreasing thickness in the center redistributes volume through the nose and tail, lifting the rider higher out of the water and improving nose-to-tail stability and paddling speed. The concaved deck, especially in the standing area, positions the rider's feet level with the foil for more efficient pumping.

As for design features, the Swell's defined edge on the tail allows for faster release off the water and drag-free touchdowns. Multiple positioning options for each strap offer a personalized stance. The lighter weight construction provides stiffness, maneuverability, and glide, while the integrated high-density structural stringer system ensures maximum support. The DropBox foil mounting tracks are embedded into a high-density closed-cell PVC block for easy foil setup.

To enhance the rider's connection to the board, the Swell features a high-traction non-abrasive heat-embossed deckpad with a centerline ridge. The flatter board creates more effective surface area and improves paddling speed, while the rocker through the midsection is designed for optimal wave fit and forgiving release. The double V-shape in the bottom contour allows for quick and easy release without sticking. The recessed deck provides greater balance and stability during takeoffs and touchdowns.

The Swell is designed with the rider's comfort and control in mind. The concaved forward rail makes it easier to hold and balance, and the concaved beveled rail allows for added stability and control while riding. The centerline and offline strap insert options accommodate both goofy or natural riding.

In terms of construction, the Swell utilizes a light yet durable epoxy composite laminate wrapped around an EPS core. High-density closed-cell PVC reinforcement is strategically placed for added strength. The integrated high-density structural stringer system provides maximum support and stability.

The Swell is compatible with most foil systems, thanks to its industry-standard 90mm track spacing. The board also features a two-way GORE™ Protective Vent to prevent air pressure build-up while keeping water out.

Overall, the Swell is a dedicated prone surf foilboard that offers a lightweight yet durable construction. It features grip-friendly concaved forward rails, a wedged tail shape for improved pumpability, and a tri-plane hull design for stability. The board has a lower entry rocker, a refined profile, and a non-abrasive deck grip for enhanced performance. The integrated tail kickpad and multiple strap positions provide versatility, while the high-density structural stringer system ensures support. The Swell is compatible with most foil systems and has a GORE™ Protective Vent to prevent air pressure build-up. With its optimal design and construction, the Swell is perfect for surfers of all skill levels.

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