Ozone Wasp V3 4.3m 2022 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

Ozone Wasp V3 4.3m 2022

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At A Glance

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, Ozone is a long-standing brand. Time and time again they produce trusted, high-quality products. That knowledge & experience comes from their paragliding origins and they use every bit of it to create their Wing gear, The Wasp V3 continues to improve on the previous versions, Ozone has thought of every tiny detail and acted on it. Right down to having a padded shoulder strap on the bag to help with carrying your foil - brilliant.

So what have they updated? The Ergonomic Power Handles are now stiffer, providing more power and control. Ozone has a new overlap flat seam construction in their sail, designed to improve control & clean up the canopy. They’ve increased the size of the windows for better visibility. A new triple rip-stop canopy has an advanced coating to improve strength.

Something that I believe is unique to Ozone is their modular leash system. It comes with a waist leash, which as I’ll discuss later is great. That same waist leash can be adapted to have a quick release system, become a wrist leash, or harness attachment for use with the Ozone Connect Wing Harness. These options do have to be bought separately but I love the adaptability it provides. Wing foiling is such a new & unique sport, there is no ‘correct way’ and this accounts for that.

WASP stands for Wing Assisted Surf/Snow/Skate Propulsion. The V3 has an updated size range. On test this issue is the 4.3m, the other available sizes are 2.4, 3, 3.6, 5, & 5.7. This provides for a huge range of wind conditions. The 2.4m provides a great option for the groms too!

On The Water

I had the option to ride the Wasp V3 4.3m on a howling day of 30knots+ and a couple more marginal sessions. I rode two boards while testing it, a 33L 4’5 & a 39L 4’10. I was on foils ranging from 950cm2 to 1300cm2.

I believe that stiffness is the name of game when it comes to wing foiling, both in your wing & your foil. If this is the case, then Ozone has hit the nail on the head. The V3 is as rigid as a board, which makes it incredibly responsive, controllable & trustworthy. On those marginal days, when I was waiting for a gust to get me on foil with my sinker board, I knew I could rely on the V3. There is no play in it when you pump it, just direct feedback and confidence, it meant I got on foil every time there was an opportunity. Equally, stiffness plays an important role when you’re out in strong winds. When a squall comes through and you’re hanging on for dear life, you want a wing that isn’t fluttering & shaking your arms off. The V3 is just that, it barely fluttered in gusts of 35knots, again providing me with confidence on the water.

Inflation on the beach was quick with Ozone’s Fast Flow Air Valves, there are two of these, one in the Leading Edge & one in the Strut. Ozone has opted not to use the single inflation valve with a connector as many kites have, I presume this is so that repairs are easier, but it is a little slower. Heading to the water, the wing felt super light to carry, which really saves your arms in light winds & ultimately makes pumping easier.

The new handles were comfortable, with the extra stiffness providing more control than previous versions. When riding bumps & swell, I found myself holding the top power handle and still being able to fly the wing in the direction I wanted. Good to have an extra option over the de-power surf handle.

The Wasp V3 is no doubt, an all-rounder. It was super fun in the waves & when in free-fly mode on the deposed handle it was very stable. However, get a smaller foil under your feet and the jumping possibilities with this wing are limitless. I found myself boosting much higher than expected with the V3, it all comes down to its lightweight & stiffness. As I loaded up and popped, it had no give or play, just pure power. Such a joy to feel that as you send it skywards! The same applies when you come down to land, I sheeted in and it slowed my fall just like a kite would, making landings much more reliable. You have to try it to believe it.


Ozone has left no stone unturned, their experience has paid off here in an exceptionally high-quality product. The Wasp V3 is an absolute pleasure to ride, every little detail is accounted for. Its lightweight & stiffness will have you coming back for more after every session.


This review was in Issue 13 of Tonic Mag.

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By Jack Galloway

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