DUOTONE Slick SLS 2022 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

DUOTONE Slick SLS 2022

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The Strong / Light / Superior (SLS) technology has been combined with numerous design and performance upgrades in the new generation of Slick wings.

They offer direct steering with infinite hand placement, thanks to the Mini Boom. This feature is advantageous for both beginners and advanced freestyle enthusiasts, as it allows them to position their hands wherever they desire.

The Slick SLS is designed to be easy for tacks and lifty for jumps. Its various design elements provide positive lift, resulting in a lightweight and effortless feel during maneuvers and jumps.

With the Penta TX leading edge and strut, this wing offers a crisp and fast response to steering inputs. This responsiveness benefits pumping, acceleration, and various freestyle movements and rotations.

Although slightly wider in span, the Slick SLS maintains a compact outline. This width increase enhances drift stability and power delivery, while still ensuring that smaller riders can keep the tips clear.

When riding waves, the Slick SLS offers a light, neutral, and effortless experience. Its center of effort remains remarkably stable even in gusts and lulls.

The most popular model in the Slick range has been made lighter and more stable, making it easier and smoother to use. These improvements encourage longer sessions on the water.

The implementation of PentaTX material on the leading edge and strut delivers precise and responsive feedback to the fingertips. This material, known for its lighter and stiffer qualities, enhances the overall performance of the wing.

By utilizing a segmented leading edge, designer Ken Winner has increased stiffness and rigidity, resulting in direct power transfer and a highly responsive wing.

The Slick SLS features the intuitive mini boom, which offers infinite hand placement options. This feature ensures that the hands are always in the right spot for any move, whether it's a basic tack or a complex air rotation.

For 2022, the Slick SLS has undergone a complete redesign, including a new outline. These changes improve luffing stability while surfing waves and during downwinders, as well as enhancing power and hang time for jumps. The modified design also reduces drag and provides clearance for the wingtips.

In terms of construction, the Slick SLS features a new window layout that reduces weight while maintaining visibility. The tips and strut twist have been finely tuned to maximize lift, stability, and control, even in gusty conditions.

The mini boom is available in Aluminum or Carbon options and is compatible with the first-generation Slick wings.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced rider, the Slick offers intuitive performance that guarantees quick progression.

The innovative Mini Boom on the center strut design combines the benefits of both infinite hand placement and ease of handling. This makes the Slick suitable for all types of freeride and freestyle moves, while also delivering neutral drift and floating ability for effortless surfing and downwinders.

To minimize flutter and drag, each side of the Slick SLS has only one small batten. This design enhances upwind ability and top-end performance.

The wing's outline has been finely tuned to accommodate riders of all sizes, allowing for easy maneuvers and quick wing rotations.

Setting up and packing down the Slick SLS is quick and easy. The new backpack design facilitates convenient storage and transportation.

The Slick SLS features a light and rigid SLS construction with a Penta TX frame leading edge and strut.

Its slight reflex profile enhances lift and ensures smooth performance in varying conditions.

The segmented front tube maintains a rigid center with responsive flex behavior.

With minimal flutter and a stable draft position, the Slick SLS maintains tight canopy tension.

Additionally, the new window layout improves stretch behavior, reduces weight, and enhances visibility.


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