Shinn Resurector 4m 2021 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

Shinn Resurector 4m 2021

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At A Glance

The Shinn Resurector hasn’t just got a cool name, the wing itself oozes style with it’s sleek black design & splash of colour. The has a medium aspect shape with a long central strut allowing for the wing tips to be swept in, this leads to less chances for them to catch in the water. This also makes for easier flipping of the wing.

It has an intuitive inflation system with valves in both the leading edge & strut whilst maintaining the one pump connection. I’m a big fan of this idea as it means quicker deflation/packing away and therefore more water time. Something we can all appreciate I’m sure. The backpack that comes with it is really spacious, again making for quicker packing away times.

Our test wing didn’t come with a Shinn leash however the wing does usually come with a 5mm coiled PU leash with a neoprene/velcro cuff.

Build wise, as is expected with Shinn equipment, only the best materials have been used. The canopy is made of light, durable & low stretch Challenge DK50 Double Ripstop. The leading edge if KPE 175 Dacron & the window is a marine grade high-visibility PVC.

On The Water

My most memorable session testing this wing was on a 22 mile downwinder along the South Coast of the UK in some chunky ocean swell and wow did it perform! The 4m Resurector was the ideal weapon for this adventure in 20 to 35 knot conditions. To give you some context I was on a 45L board & 1300 high aspect foil.

Something that really impressed me about this wing is it’s rigidity & stability. It felt solid as a rock in the jumps, none of that slight floppiness that I’ve grown to really dislike about some other wings as you start to jump higher. The stability I refer to is when you sheet out and ‘freefly’ the wing when riding waves or ocean swell. On this particular downwinder I had a couple of minute long waves and honestly barely noticed the wing flying behind me in my hand. The feeling is out of this world and something I’m looking for in all my sessions/equipment now.

The window on this wing is well placed, it’s easy to view other people or boats through it. It genuinely came in handy for me on a number of sessions, it’s good to know how much thought has been put into a product when features like this work well.


Robust and stylish design in a great all round package that gives you tons of confidence.


It will come down to personal preference but Shinn have gone for the multiple handles design, rather than just two longer ones. There’s no right or wrong here, just individual opinion. I found these handles well placed & effective.


Shinn have a created a serious bit of kit here that is capable of taking you from beginner to pro. I had an absolute testing this wing and will be sad to see it go.


This review was in Issue 9 of Tonic Mag.

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By Jack Galloway

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