Wings Foils SUP Surf Reviews - Shinn Resurector 4m 2021
Wings Foils SUP Surf Reviews - Shinn Resurector 4m 2021
Shinn Resurector

The Shinn Resurector hasn’t just got a cool name, the wing itself oozes style with it’s sleek black design & splash of colour. The has a medium aspect shape with a long central strut allowing for the wing tips to be swept in, this leads to less chances for them to catch in the water. This also makes for easier…

Wings Foils SUP Surf Reviews - Shinn SupraHydro 1200 & 1400 2021
Wings Foils SUP Surf Reviews - Shinn SupraHydro 1200 & 1400 2021
Shinn SupraHydro

When these foils arrived I was pleased to see that they came in a fully padded bag & padded sleeves for each wing. Something which can often be overlooked but essential for keeping your gear in good condition, especially if you want to travel with it. Shinn have set out to achieve the best of both worlds when it comes…

2 months ago

Throwback to Feb 2021, watch the Shinn crew wingsurfing at this endless playground - can you guess the spot?

5 months ago

The GWA Tarifa Wing Pro 2021 action kicked off early for Day One of the Tarifa Wing Pro 2021, where they completed the entire Women's…

7 months ago

Check out the Foil Surf Racing League - The first hydrofoil endurance racing contest. Run, paddle, surf, foil, repeat! A foil surfing endurance race in…

7 months ago

Loyd do Noyette braving the cold and wing foiling Blankenberge bumps. North Sea, Belgium. Brrr!

7 months ago

Mark Shinn and Maciek Rutkowski testing out a new wing prototype at Ustkipa -  we can wait to see the final results! Camera: Daniel Dmytrow

8 months ago

The fuselage is often over looked but is a way that you can make your ride more stable or easier to carve. Have a watch…

9 months ago

The North sea doesn't set the imagination on fire for places to visit but after watching this video it may be worth considering. These chunky…

9 months ago

Tonic Issue 9 In this issue we have; Tests, Techniques, Events, Competition, Paula Novotna, James Casey, Chucho Nonnot and much more. Click the link below…

9 months ago

Day Two round up of some of the action going down in St. Moritz, Switzerland for Engadinwind European Race Championship. With racing in all classes…

10 months ago

Mark Shinn is no stranger to an epic wing session. This is another video him enjoying some great rolling swell and what looks like a…

11 months ago

The Shinn Team here showcasing wing foiling in the best possible light. Cruisey fun in perfect wing conditions with a few friends. Wave after wave…

1 year ago

The man himself, Mark Shinn, hits the water on Shinnworlds Resurector. Focusing on power, stability and effortless control this is a truly all-round wing capable…

Issue 11

Our latest wing convert is rising star JJ Koszowski, he’s taken his experience in kite foil racing to become a proficient winger in very little time!

3 months ago
Issue 10

More images with no particular place to call home this issue...

6 months ago
Issue 9

In Tried and Tested this issue we check out light wind weapons from F-ONE & brand new gear from Shinn.

9 months ago
Issue 9

The most clicked on movies on the Tonic Mag website over the last two months!

9 months ago
Issue 8

Legendary waterman Mark Shinn is back with more foil tuning knowledge; this time, he looks at the importance of the fuselage and how it effects the way you ride. It’s must-have knowledge for any keen foil enthusiast.

12 months ago
Issue 7

Board shaping legend Mark Shinn joins us for a regular feature looking at how to tune your foil for the best results. Want to learn about the finer points of tuning a hydrofoil correctly? Look no further in this new, incredibly insightful series… Check it out here!

1 year ago
Issue 6

It’s not always love at first sight, Mark Shinn didn’t immediately see the appeal of the wing, but now he is well and truly hooked. Rou Chater chats to Mark about why he is so stoked on wings, and the new products he is launching. Get inspired right here!

2 years ago
1 year ago

Sea, sun and Shinn.

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