Alvaro Onieva

Alvaro Onieva

Pro Rider | 3,959

4 months ago

Are you just getting started in Wingfoiling? In this short video, Alvaro Onieva demonstrates how to fold the FreeWing Air. Any questions? Comment below!

4 months ago

Pioneering Wingfoiling with Alvaro Onieva - the Man Behind the FreeWing tells the story of the evolution from Kiteboarding to Wingfoiling.

Issue 6

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3 weeks ago

Welcome to the OFFICIAL Facebook page of Alvaro Onieva My name is Alvaro Onieva, I’m twenty-four years old and I’ve been committed to kiteboarding since 2000. Since the real beginning I just got one thing on my mind, have fun doing what I like, but at the moment, i think we, the riders, have a really challenging mission, to create such a strong image for the sport and be recognized as a serious extreme board sport. Skateboarding,Surfing,music, art & meditation. Sportsperson

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