Willow-River Tonkin

Willow-River Tonkin

Pro Rider | 5,133

4 months ago

Willow-River Tonkin's latest addition!

4 months ago

While Willow River Tonkin is smashing out PB speed records on his wing, there's always time to catch a wave solely on his foil -…

5 months ago

We're looking forward to more of this! Willow-River Tonkin cruising until sunset in Manawa, Le Morne, Mauritius

12 months ago

Willow-River Tonkin picks up his new Uni Foil and heads to Muizenberg to catch some waves! Its been a couple of weeks since a last…

Issue 6

Willow River Tonkin endured a pretty harsh lockdown in Mauritius, once he was allowed out he taught himself to wingsurf and found he had some of the best waves on the planet all to himself! Read all about it here…

3 weeks ago

20 year old water sports enthusiast. Currently adventuring the world. Sponsors: CORE kiteboarding, Kiteboarding Tricktionary I’m homeschooled and I have always been encouraged to follow my passions and this has given me the time to try different sports and to pursue different things of interest. After moving from South Africa to Taiwan and then to Mauritius, I immediately started doing sports including soccer, MMA, Judo and surfing in Tamarin. Surfing stuck with me. After 4 years of surfing and meeting kiters while at Le Morne, the whole idea of “kite-surfing” just seemed awesome! With the little money I had saved, I was able to buy a second hand kite that I managed to rip by doing a kiteloop after only a few months of kiting! It was then my dream to become a professional kiteboarder. Soon after this I was sponsored by a local shop who supplied me kiting equipment. I continued to train just about everyday or whenever possible. After a few months, I was then approached by my current sponsor, CORE Kiteboarding. I’m looking forward to traveling and experiencing new places and to continue pursuing my passions. As my given name mentions Water, so is my mind flowing and drifting every single moment. My parents raised me on the tropical island of Mauritius. I grew up in between volcanic mountains and waves of the Indian Ocean. The warm blue waters attracting me ever since. I have met beautiful people along my way. I am open to their stories, open to the very change I am facing every day. Surfing waves connects me with the very inner me. With the permanent present, the stillness of the now. Thoughts are no longer needed in flow, I am one with me and everything. Sharing that kind of being and state of mind is my mission and that is my contribution to peace on earth. Skateboarding, Paddleboarding, Surfing, Kitesurfing, Music, Photography, Traveling. Sportsperson

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