Stefan Spiessberger

Stefan Spiessberger

Pro Rider

1 hour ago

Last December, the best riders gathered in Tarifa to conjure up a firework of freestyle moves one last time for the final GWA Wingfoil stop…

3 weeks ago

The GWA Tarifa Wing Pro 2021 action kicked off early for Day One of the Tarifa Wing Pro 2021, where they completed the entire Women's…

2 months ago

In this Duotone Wing Academy tutorial, Stefan Spiessberger demonstrates how to land a basic jump on flat water. If you have any questions? Make sure…

2 months ago

When you first get into wingfoiling, it's easier and safer not to use footstraps, but once you get into the hang of things and want…

2 months ago

Stefan Spiessberger sightseeing in Vienna on his wingfoil...

3 months ago

Travelling the world for the past ten years has made Stefan appreciate being home again. Austria’s Alps might not be the windiest place, the warmest…

5 months ago

One of the best things about wingfoiling is the accessibility. For most other sports the best athletes in the world are based at some of…

5 months ago

Podersdorf has been an Austrian mecca of waterbased sports with many competitions being held there in both windsurfing and kitesurfing and no clearly wingfoiling is…

9 months ago

Stefan Spiessberger head for a weekend trip to Croatia and does some wing shredding! Duotone Slick & Fanatic Sky Wing 4'8 & 5'0 Thanks for…

9 months ago

Stefan Spiessberger has just picked up his brand new Duotone Slick. Watch as he takes it for a shred on a cold alpine lake! Gear:…

1 year ago

One of the most attractive things about wing foiling is that you can launch from a lot more locations than you can kiteboarding or even…

1 year ago

He never thought he'd enjoy it, but now Stefan Spiessberger is hooked! Never thought to get so hooked on foiling until I realised the possibilities…

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5 months ago
Issue 8

Wingsurfing looks set to dominate the watersports landscape; Rou Chater looks at ten reasons why he thinks it will be bigger than kitesurfing and windsurfing in a few years…

8 months ago

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