Stefan Spiessberger

Stefan Spiessberger

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1 month ago

One of the best things about wingfoiling is the accessibility. For most other sports the best athletes in the world are based at some of…

1 month ago

Podersdorf has been an Austrian mecca of waterbased sports with many competitions being held there in both windsurfing and kitesurfing and no clearly wingfoiling is…

5 months ago

Stefan Spiessberger head for a weekend trip to Croatia and does some wing shredding! Duotone Slick & Fanatic Sky Wing 4'8 & 5'0 Thanks for…

5 months ago

Stefan Spiessberger has just picked up his brand new Duotone Slick. Watch as he takes it for a shred on a cold alpine lake! Gear:…

10 months ago

One of the most attractive things about wing foiling is that you can launch from a lot more locations than you can kiteboarding or even…

10 months ago

He never thought he'd enjoy it, but now Stefan Spiessberger is hooked! Never thought to get so hooked on foiling until I realised the possibilities…

1 year ago

PURE DEDICATION! Stefan Spiessberger hikes up to the highest wingfoilable lake in Austria - you've got to watch this!

Issue 9

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1 month ago
Issue 8

Wingsurfing looks set to dominate the watersports landscape; Rou Chater looks at ten reasons why he thinks it will be bigger than kitesurfing and windsurfing in a few years…

4 months ago

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