Stecher Twins

Stecher Twins

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2 years ago

Brrrrr...... The Stecher Twins are at it again, check out their 3rd chapter winter SUP through their hometown. Looks beautiful.... but cold!! 3rd chapter of the winter…

3 years ago

Follow the Stecher Twins on their exciting journey to the world famous riverwave in Munich! The capital of Riversurfing. Stunning action with fireworks at night.…

4 years ago

More winter based surfing banter to get you in the mood for the impending season. This has a slight twist... When the snow from the…


The Stecher Twins are the watersport inspired Stecher brothers. Water is their element! SUP, Surfboard, Kite and sailing boats...they just live it! 05/22/1983 Watersports in all different parts: SUP Expeditions, SUP Whitewater, SUP surfing, SUP racing, Snowkiting and Kitesurfing, Wave Surfing and River Surfing, Sailing Traveling around the world Living the Lifestyle! Sportsperson

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