Stecher Twins

Stecher Twins

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3 years ago

Brrrrr...... The Stecher Twins are at it again, check out their 3rd chapter winter SUP through their hometown. Looks beautiful.... but cold!! 3rd chapter of the winter…

4 years ago

Follow the Stecher Twins on their exciting journey to the world famous riverwave in Munich! The capital of Riversurfing. Stunning action with fireworks at night.…

4 years ago

More winter based surfing banter to get you in the mood for the impending season. This has a slight twist... When the snow from the…


The Stecher Twins are the watersport inspired Stecher brothers. Water is their element! SUP, Surfboard, Kite and sailing boats...they just live it! Watersports in all different parts: SUP Expeditions, SUP Whitewater, SUP surfing, SUP racing, Snowkiting and Kitesurfing, Wave Surfing and River Surfing, Sailing Traveling around the world Living the Lifestyle! Sportsperson

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