Richard Boudia

Richard Boudia

Pro Rider

4 months ago

AFS Foils Richard Boudia talks us through the PURE 1100 - an ultra-high aspect foil for ultimate efficiency. Click here to find out more.

4 months ago

If you're looking for the total package, AFS Foils' PURE 700 and PURE 900 foils are sure to have you covered! In this tech talk…

5 months ago

AFS Foils Richard Boudia talks us through the advantages of their two latest 145 and 150 stabilisers from the PURE range. AFS Advanced - The…

7 months ago

AFS Foils Richard Boudia talks us through their 2023 FLY boards - Discover the new shape of the 5'4 and the new look of their…

9 months ago

In this second episode of OFFSHORE, AFS Foils' Richard Boudia explains the different techniques for starting a downwind session. Any questions? Please comment below.

11 months ago

In this 13 min documentary, Richard Boudia from AFS Foils introduces downwinding - and how it offers an unparalleled sensation! He also discusses the birth…

1 year ago

Q&A with Foil & Co's Richard Boudia. Check out Foil & Co's product line up here.

1 year ago

AFS Day test sessions continue around France - Watch AFS's Richard Boudia session near his homespot in Anse de Bonnieu!

1 year ago

AFS Surf Foil expert, Richard Boudia, talk us through everything you need to know before you get into surf foiling! Any questions? Comment below -…

Issue 16

Richard Boudia has been SUP downwinding since 2017! Amongst a few key athletes, Richard has put the Mediterranean on the map for downwind foiling. Jack Galloway chats to him to find out all about it.

4 months ago
Issue 15

The AFS team head to Scotland in search of wild downwinders and to say they score is an understatement.

7 months ago
Issue 14

More images with no particular place to call home this issue…

11 months ago

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