Richard Boudia

Richard Boudia

Pro Rider

2 weeks ago

AFS Foils Richard Boudia talks us through their 2023 FLY boards - Discover the new shape of the 5'4 and the new look of their…

2 months ago

In this second episode of OFFSHORE, AFS Foils' Richard Boudia explains the different techniques for starting a downwind session. Any questions? Please comment below.

5 months ago

In this 13 min documentary, Richard Boudia from AFS Foils introduces downwinding - and how it offers an unparalleled sensation! He also discusses the birth…

8 months ago

Q&A with Foil & Co's Richard Boudia. Check out Foil & Co's product line up here.

10 months ago

AFS Day test sessions continue around France - Watch AFS's Richard Boudia session near his homespot in Anse de Bonnieu!

10 months ago

AFS Surf Foil expert, Richard Boudia, talk us through everything you need to know before you get into surf foiling! Any questions? Comment below -…

Issue 15

The AFS team head to Scotland in search of wild downwinders and to say they score is an understatement.

3 weeks ago
Issue 14

More images with no particular place to call home this issue…

4 months ago

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