Theo Demanez

Theo Demanez

Pro Rider

5 months ago

Wild night foiling in a swimming pool with Theo Demanez!

6 months ago

Theo Demanez crashing the pool party with his Cabrinha X-series 2100

1 year ago

Cabrinha's 2023 Vive Mas Mexico Meeting was one for the books!

3 years ago

My word you just have to see this Takuma film from Tahiti. Foiling at Teahupo'o? Yeah they did!! We are stoked to share with you...

4 years ago

Foil surfing a tidal bore had always been a dream of Keahi de Aboitiz's, so when Theo Demanez asked me if he wanted to join...

Issue 16

We interview the 3 x winner of the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge & incredibly skilled foiler, kiter, & winger.

11 months ago

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In flight entertainment ✈️ nn@theo_demanez n@cabrinhawings nn#remix #repost #cabrinha

6 days ago

@theo_demanez showing us how it’s done 🔥 nn@cabrinhawings nn#repost #foil #foiling #livefreeridefree #cabrinha

4 weeks ago

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