James Casey

James Casey

Pro Rider

7 months ago

James Casey just claimed the World Record for the longest distance hydrofoiling on a paddleboard in 11 hours, 18 min! Mental right? Check out the…

1 year ago

Could this be the future of downwind foiling? Wing upwind, deflate and downwind.

1 year ago

Another James Casey video where he really shows the appeal of wing foiling in waves, he even has the local surfers watching him. See more…

1 year ago

Tonic Issue 9 In this issue we have; Tests, Techniques, Events, Competition, Paula Novotna, James Casey, Chucho Nonnot and much more. Click the link below…

1 year ago

Turn your wave session into a downwinder. Looks like a dreamy session withnot a huge amount of swell but ideal to get up and commence…

1 year ago

James Casey is making tricky conditions look epic again. Light winds, a big wing and a small board looks so appealing except the rocks, they…

1 year ago

Winging has made it possible to enjoy wind powered sports in what would have been almost a right off for you r session a few…

1 year ago

Wing Foil Upwind, Deflate whilst going Downwind, Pump Up and Repeat. Is the future? Mini down winders achievable without the extra admin of vehicles and…

2 years ago

James Casey making it look so easy on his wing. Awesome laid out turns on these rolling sets. First try on the Slick out the…

2 years ago

Watch as James Casey makes wingsurfing look oh so fun! Chasing waves in outer reef storm conditions, make sure you take a look at this…

2 years ago

James Casey on the GoFoil NL160 and Duotone 5m Unit - Good luck trying to get Casey off the water this weekend!

3 years ago

James Casey flew over to Maui to chase a swell and scored some nice empty waves on the Sunova Surfboards Flash!

Issue 9

James Casey is a font of knowledge when it comes to downwinders. Whether it be SUPfoil or winging he’s been at forefront from the start. Jack Galloway catches up with James to learn more about him & his down winding skills.

1 year ago
Issue 3

Some the most popular videos on our website over the last two months!

6 years ago

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