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Tonic Mag Hoody and T-Shirt

Wing Foil Upwind, Deflate whilst going Downwind, Pump Up and Repeat. Is the future? Mini down winders achievable without the extra admin of vehicles and sharing lifts or being collected.

On a windy day in Broken Bay I think I have finally cracked the code. The true solo downwind experience with no car drop or shuttle needed and maximum water time achieved.

Step 1 Wing-a-ding upwind
Step 2 Begin freewinging downwind
Step 3 Deflate wing while downwinding
Step 4 Wrap/pack up wing
Step 5 Put wing in bag
Step 6 At the end of your run grab pump out of bag and pump up wing
Step 7 Once wing is inflated put pump back in bag and wing upwind

Mon 19th Jul, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

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