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1 month ago

Great drone work by Alec Fasolas following Laitham Kellum on this wave!

2 months ago

Go Foil gang in Pompano Beach! Watch John Akerman, Ben Witten, Austin Kalama and Alex Aguera wake foiling.

2 months ago

James Casey on the GoFoil NL160 and Duotone 5m Unit - Good luck trying to get Casey off the water this weekend!

2 years ago

James Casey continues his journey to iconic locations and this time he heads home to Sydney, Australia!

3 years ago

Amit Invar have an epic session on his SUP Foil at his home stop in Peru! Amit is training for Peru camp in April

3 years ago

This Starboard & GoFoil combination looks ideal! Perhaps the perfect way to get you downwind SUP foiling! STARBOARD SUP HYPERNUT FOIL GOFOIL MALIKO Foil

3 years ago

There are a couple of things you need to know, firstly Austin Kalama is an animal on a SUP foil, secondly, we're not sure about…

3 years ago

WOAH! Video of the week alert, check out Keahi de Aboitiz absolutely ruling the roost in this awesome SUP foiling edit from Australia. Not only…

3 years ago

Chicama in Peru is the stuff of legends, a 2km long left-hand point break that can offer rides like you have never had before. A…