10 months ago

Tucker McGrath pumping around wingfoilers testing out his new GoFoil RS1000 with the 14.5 short fixed red tail on his own built board. Will he…

10 months ago

The new GoFoil GT2200 looks like a pumping machine. Check the video to see John Akerman pump around his local spot with minimal effort. See…

10 months ago

This downwind run is enough to inspire you to give downwinding a go. Its got great footage and awesome conditions and the new RS foils!…

11 months ago

A small team based on the Isle Of Wight are planning to follow in the footsteps of one of the biggest yacht races in the…

11 months ago

Another James Casey video where he really shows the appeal of wing foiling in waves, he even has the local surfers watching him. See more…

11 months ago

One of the hardest things you can do on a foil is paddle up in flat water. Watch as Tomoko Okazaki gets it done in…

11 months ago

Have you tried pump foiling and dock starting? This maybe the video and the team that inspires you to go give it a go. It…

11 months ago

For the most of us this is real world surfing and it really showcases surf foiling. Less than average waves and some magical rides. One…

12 months ago

Sit back and enjoy a few minutes of downwind foiling with Kalama Performance in Rufus Oregon. Nothing else is need in the video just some…

12 months ago

You know its windy when your on a 2.7m wing but in this video Karla Aguera makes the breezy conditions look like any other day.…

12 months ago

Turn your wave session into a downwinder. Looks like a dreamy session withnot a huge amount of swell but ideal to get up and commence…

12 months ago

You know you got skills when you can step out of the car fully clothed and dock start, pump out a quick circle and then…

Issue 10

We chat to Brian Grubb, founder of the Foil Surf Racing League, a unique & exciting event that recently took place in Cocoa Beach, Florida

9 months ago
Issue 9

James Casey is a font of knowledge when it comes to downwinders. Whether it be SUPfoil or winging he’s been at forefront from the start. Jack Galloway catches up with James to learn more about him & his down winding skills.

12 months ago

Go Foil is all about Hydro Foiling whether it is surfing, SUP, Wingsurfing, Windsurfing , kitesurfing or whatever can foil up in the water

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