Tomo Murabayashi

Tomo Murabayashi

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5 months ago

Now they're some MASSIVE foiling waves. Sick edit even with some wobbly footage. Huge NE Swell finally dropped enough for the gang to get out…

5 months ago

Dave Kalama & Tomo Murabayashi out tow foiling & making it look easy. Here's what Tomo had to say: Dave and I out towing around…

5 months ago

In this short clip Tomo Murabayashi takes you though his wingfoil tack. Check it out. @foiltomo WingFoil Tacking 101 ウイングフォイル タッキング 101 @gofoil NL130 40…

5 months ago

The Maui SUP foil downwinders look simply stunning. Hands up if you'd like to do one one day! Dave Kalama Foil Tomo GoFoil DownWind foil…

5 months ago

9.5 miles of big ocean foiling. Doesn't get much better than that. @davekalama and @foiltomo @gofoil DownWind Foiling!! 9.5 miles Non stop Glide @gofoil NL190…

5 months ago

Back to Winging for the Go Foil team this week! You just can't beat a wingfoil session with friends. #scotmackie #jasonhall #tomo #dantaylor #gofoil #boardridingmaui…

6 months ago

These waves are like mini mountains!  Some of the Go Foil gang testing out the new Tow wing called the TKR at Jaws. Take a…

6 months ago

Towing on Maui is just way too much fun...  The Go Foil team shred some mega waves on their foiling gear. Be sure to watch…

6 months ago

Epic day of Kona winds on Maui! Cruser Putnam, Tomo Murabayashi and Eric Christensen taking advantage. Email: [email protected]

6 months ago

Is downwind foiling going to move away from SUPs to prone paddling? Dave Kalama & Tomo Murabayashi certainly think so, have a look at their…

1 year ago

Foil Tomo GoFoil SUP FOIL weekend session!

3 years ago

Join Team Starboard SUP downwind foiling session!


3rd place 2017 Molokai2Oahu 32mile(52km) 14ft div.
First ever Hydro Foil Molokai2Oahu invitat

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