Tomo Murabayashi

Tomo Murabayashi

Pro Rider

9 months ago

Have you tried pump foiling and dock starting? This maybe the video and the team that inspires you to go give it a go. It…

9 months ago

Sit back and enjoy a few minutes of downwind foiling with Kalama Performance in Rufus Oregon. Nothing else is need in the video just some…

10 months ago

Riding waves has often been about the longest ride, foiling has blown wave lengths out of the water and now people are measuring in kilometres.…

1 year ago

Now they're some MASSIVE foiling waves. Sick edit even with some wobbly footage. Huge NE Swell finally dropped enough for the gang to get out…

1 year ago

Dave Kalama & Tomo Murabayashi out tow foiling & making it look easy. Here's what Tomo had to say: Dave and I out towing around…

1 year ago

In this short clip Tomo Murabayashi takes you though his wingfoil tack. Check it out. @foiltomo WingFoil Tacking 101 ウイングフォイル タッキング 101 @gofoil NL130 40…

1 year ago

The Maui SUP foil downwinders look simply stunning. Hands up if you'd like to do one one day! Dave Kalama Foil Tomo GoFoil DownWind foil…

1 year ago

9.5 miles of big ocean foiling. Doesn't get much better than that. @davekalama and @foiltomo @gofoil DownWind Foiling!! 9.5 miles Non stop Glide @gofoil NL190…

1 year ago

Back to Winging for the Go Foil team this week! You just can't beat a wingfoil session with friends. #scotmackie #jasonhall #tomo #dantaylor #gofoil #boardridingmaui…

1 year ago

These waves are like mini mountains!  Some of the Go Foil gang testing out the new Tow wing called the TKR at Jaws. Take a…

1 year ago

Towing on Maui is just way too much fun...  The Go Foil team shred some mega waves on their foiling gear. Be sure to watch…

1 year ago

Epic day of Kona winds on Maui! Cruser Putnam, Tomo Murabayashi and Eric Christensen taking advantage. Email: [email protected]


3rd place 2017 Molokai2Oahu 32mile(52km) 14ft div.
First ever Hydro Foil Molokai2Oahu invitat

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