Wyatt Miller

Wyatt Miller

Pro Rider

4 months ago

Slingshot's Wing Foil Brand Manager Wyatt Miller walks through the features of the LTF (Learn To Fly); the first inflatable foil board with both foil…

6 months ago

In this video, Brandon Scheid and Wyatt Miller discuss the Hover Glide adjustable rear stabilizer by Slingshot Foil. The Hover Glide adjustable stabilizer 42cm can…

1 year ago

The SlingWing V3 was designed to give you significantly more power per size. Using a smaller wing in the same wind provides the advantages of…

1 year ago

Whether you are looking for your first foil board, your all-in-one travel stick or you want the freedom to do 3-sports with one board...the Shred…

1 year ago

Wyatt Miller and Brandon Scheid review the Phantasm hydrofoil wing design and foil wing dimensions of the PFI 730/872 Lower Package combination.

2 years ago

ONe of the most popular foils on the Market is the Slingshot and Ride Engine Infinity and Futura ranges. Their range of foils has stood…

2 years ago

Looking after your wing is going to extend the life of it meaning more sessions on it and when it comes time to upgrade your…

2 years ago

Slingshot Sports builds Wing Foil wings for beginners as well as advanced foilers who are ready to JUMP to the next level. Wyatt Miller, Brand…

3 years ago

The Shred Sled Foil Board can be used for Windfoiling, Wingsurfing and SUP foiling, hence the 3:1 tag. Wyatt Miller, Slingshot Brand Manager, shows you…

Issue 14

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4 months ago
Issue 8

Wingsurfing looks set to dominate the watersports landscape; Rou Chater looks at ten reasons why he thinks it will be bigger than kitesurfing and windsurfing in a few years…

2 years ago
Issue 6

It’s been around as we know it since 2015, but the origins date back much further than that. Thanks to a few dedicated pioneers the sport is going from strength to strength! We chat to Robby Naish, Raphael Salles, Tony Logosz and Rob Whittall about the boom of a sport and where it is headed. Find out about this incredible new sport and why you should get involved right here!

2 years ago

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