ONe of the most popular foils on the Market is the Slingshot and Ride Engine Infinity and Futura ranges. Their range of foils has stood the test of of time and with a lot of foils to added into their range over the last few years its a great time to look at the rear stabilisers and see which one is going to work for what you are looking to do. Their is no right choice for one over the other but the smaller one will help you achieve higher speeds and the larger one will help you pump easier, so their may be a right choice choice depending on your goals and the conditions.

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Customizing your hydrofoil for optimal riding performance that matches your style is an exciting step in your evolution of the sport. Wyatt Miller, Slingshot brand manager, takes you through your rear stabilizer mounting options.

Fri 27th Aug, 2021 @ 3:30 pm

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