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4 days ago

In this first episode of their road trip series 'Exploring Scotland with the Family', Sam Light drives the NC500, and visits the Hebrides, kiting, winging,…

2 weeks ago

You know how cold the North Sea gets if you've kited or winged there! Sam Light heads out for a session - was it worth…

2 weeks ago

Slingshot's Phantasm E Series Carbon Foil Wings are built to cruise. This medium-aspect, carbon-fiber E Series wings will get you up on foil early with…

1 month ago

It's #ThrowbackThursday, and we're watching - Lipsmack, Slingshot's first-ever full-length wakeboard film (released in 2012). It was produced to inspire as much fun and creativity…

1 month ago

Sam Light explains all about Wing Foiling in this video, including how to get up, pump, turn the board, and gybe; watch this video before…

2 months ago

Over the past decade, Slingshot team manager Sam Light has travelled to Cape Town. As part of the road trip, he took the team around…

2 months ago

Unlike traditional hard boards, inflatable wings and foils have many benefits: they are easily packed up to travel, are lightweight, provide ding-proof durability, and are…

2 months ago

In this episode of Court In The Act Free Ride Vlog, Tom Court teams up with Sam Light and scores a friendly session on the…

2 months ago

Sam Light walks us through the basics of Wing SUP in this video. Any questions? Let us know in the comments!