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3 weeks ago

Episode 4 of Sling SHOOTS takes us to the Clermont chain of lakes in central FL with team riders Dylan Miller, Tony Iacconi, Carro Djupsj,…

4 weeks ago

Sling SHOOTS Episode 3 takes us deep into the tropical heat of Miami, FL, where the crew meets up with the Zuupack squad for a…

1 month ago

Episode 5 is here! Sam Light and Manuel Selman enjoy an incredible day at Playa Grande; surf foiling and wingfoiling and it's a VIBE! Watch…

1 month ago

In this tutorial, Jeff Mckee explains what it takes to learn to wake foil, where to learn and what gear to use! Find out more…

1 month ago

Sling SHOOTS Episode 2 is here, and you've got to watch it! When it comes to foiling behind the boat, Slingshot's G900 wing is the…

1 month ago

Watch Sam Light tow Manuel Selman into swells using his kite for the ultimate downwind foiling experience - Watch episode 4 from Dominican Republic!

1 month ago

In this episode of #cartalk, Manuel Selman and Sam Light explain the differences between surface area VS wing span and high aspect foils VS low…

1 month ago

This week, The Generic Foiling Podcast pinned down Sam Light to chat about the beginnings of wingfoiling for a kiteboarder, his Hayling Island and Isle…

1 month ago

Episode 3 is here! Sam went to the Dominican Republic to film Manuel surf foiling and Murphy's Law... it was windy every day! Luckily they…