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3 days ago

Customizing your hydrofoil for optimal riding performance that matches your style is an exciting step in your evolution of the sport. Wyatt Miller, Slingshot brand…

1 week ago

Slingshot Wake Brand Manager takes wakesurfer Devyn Taht out for her first flying experience using the 2020 Slingshot Foil Wake V3 Package - The perfect…

1 week ago

#rememberwhen Louis Floyd went up North to Valdosta Georgia to give the crew at VWC a good old fashioned schooling on Cable Park hydrofoiling -…

2 weeks ago

Matt Nuzzo and James Jenkins putting the SlingWing to the test!

3 weeks ago

In this episode, Andrew Cotton get some foil tips from Chilean surfer Rafael Tapia and heads out with Llyr Faragher to give it a shot!┬áNext…

4 weeks ago

Slingshot's FSurf V3 foil opens up all sorts of new possibilities behind boats, in the surf, and beyond - designed for repeat offenders in the…

1 month ago

Last month, The Slingshot crew headed north from Charleston, SC to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a first of its kind mission at…

1 month ago

Sam Light Skateboards 20+ mph with his Slingshot Wing and a longboard in 20 knots of wind in Portsmouth. Would you give this a go?!

2 months ago

Whats Wingsurfing? Ted from Natural High tells a little bit about it in this video!


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