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1 month ago

Welcome to Sling SHOOTS! A 4-part series highlighting our favourite moments BTS of our many gatherings with the wake team throughout the 2023 season. Undoubtedly…

1 month ago

In this tutorial, Brandon Scheid explains how to set up your inflatable keel board for Wingsuping. Find the complete course over right here... IT'S FREE!

2 months ago

#CarTalk from the Dominican Republic! In this episode, Sam Light asked Manuel Selman his top 3 tips for foiling whilst driving to the beach!

2 months ago

Sit back, relax and take a trip to Chile with the Ride Engine crew, including Manuel Selman, Brandon Scheid, Jesse Faen, Bryan Metcaf-Perez, Kylie Zarmati…

2 months ago

Episode 2 is here - Watch Manuel Selman surf foiling at his home break in the Dominican Republic!

2 months ago

In this video, Brandon Scheid explains everything you need to know about Wing Foil equipment, including boards, foils, wings and accessories. Make sure you also…

2 months ago

Episode 1 of 5 is HERE! Sam Light travels to the Dominican Republic to ride all things FOIL with Manuel Selman; in this first episode,…

3 months ago

Another win for Nia!

4 months ago

Meet Slingshot's G Series for Phantasm - The answer lies in the new G Series mid-aspect ratio front wing. Offered in a G 700 /…