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3 years ago

A few days after the 2020 Pipe Masters, Kelly joins John for some fun waves on the sandbar trading waves for hours. Featuring @John John...

3 years ago

The Cave; it's a perfect wave until it isn't! You never know what to expect out there, ride of your life or ticket to hell as...

4 years ago

When Bethany Hamilton was 13 years old, she was attacked by a tiger shark and lost her left arm. What would have been the end...

4 years ago

Olympic surf coach and pro surfer Colin McPhillips goes stand up paddleboard (SUP) surfing with 82-year-old Mickey Munoz at San Onofre State Beach! Check it...

4 years ago

You're going to want to get this on the big screen! 'Inside the Bluff' takes us deeper inside Shipsterns Bluff. A short piece directed by...

6 years ago

Yiiioww! Starting the new year with some incredible SUP wave footage by Lucas Medeiros! This guy really knows how to make it look easy -...

7 years ago

Leroy Xavier giving the GONG Curve Pro 90L a going over in France, the waves look super fun and Leroy is ripping as usual! Watching...

7 years ago

Dayum, Leroy Xavier has got some silky skills on a long board! Check him out hot stepping his way around the 9'2 Freak from Gong SUP...

7 years ago

Wow, just wow... It seems like these northern climes could be the final frontier, with all the warm spots getting surfed out it's time to...

Issue 4

Ben and Chantal are back with more poses to challenge and expand your workout routine during your SUP Yoga sessions!

7 years ago
Issue 2

Meet Ben Tomasino and Chantal Crinquand, our new SUP Yoga technique editors! Each issue they'll be bringing you some moves to try on your board!

7 years ago
Issue 2

Bryn James, our Technique Editor, looks at getting you into your first waves on a paddleboard, in a two-part article, he looks at the skills and knowledge you need to take on the rough stuff!

7 years ago

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