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2 weeks ago

A few days after the 2020 Pipe Masters, Kelly joins John for some fun waves on the sandbar trading waves for hours. Featuring @John John…

2 months ago

The Cave; it's a perfect wave until it isn't! You never know what to expect out there, ride of your life or ticket to hell as…

11 months ago

When Bethany Hamilton was 13 years old, she was attacked by a tiger shark and lost her left arm. What would have been the end…

11 months ago

Olympic surf coach and pro surfer Colin McPhillips goes stand up paddleboard (SUP) surfing with 82-year-old Mickey Munoz at San Onofre State Beach! Check it…

1 year ago

You're going to want to get this on the big screen! 'Inside the Bluff' takes us deeper inside Shipsterns Bluff. A short piece directed by…

3 years ago

Yiiioww! Starting the new year with some incredible SUP wave footage by Lucas Medeiros! This guy really knows how to make it look easy -…

4 years ago

Leroy Xavier giving the GONG Curve Pro 90L a going over in France, the waves look super fun and Leroy is ripping as usual! Watching…

4 years ago

Dayum, Leroy Xavier has got some silky skills on a long board! Check him out hot stepping his way around the 9'2 Freak from Gong SUP…

4 years ago

Wow, just wow... It seems like these northern climes could be the final frontier, with all the warm spots getting surfed out it's time to…

Issue 4

Ben and Chantal are back with more poses to challenge and expand your workout routine during your SUP Yoga sessions!

4 years ago
Issue 2

Meet Ben Tomasino and Chantal Crinquand, our new SUP Yoga technique editors! Each issue they'll be bringing you some moves to try on your board!

4 years ago
Issue 2

Bryn James, our Technique Editor, looks at getting you into your first waves on a paddleboard, in a two-part article, he looks at the skills and knowledge you need to take on the rough stuff!

4 years ago

Rip Curl - The Ultimate Surfing Company. What started in 1969 as a vision, or Search, of two surfers has evolved into a way of life for surfers and board sport enthusiasts worldwide. Rip Curl remains a private company committed to the mission of being regarded as The Ultimate Surfing Company. Now designing, producing, and distributing a variety of highly innovative clothing, wetsuits, boardshorts, watches, mountainwear, footwear, eyewear, accessories, and other equipment for the range of board sports through more than 60 countries around the globe, Rip Curl prides itself on its world class roster of athletes and the simple objective to Live The Search. Rip Curl - The Ultimate Surfing Company. A worldwide manufacturer of high tech surf gear, Rip Curl features a wide selection wetsuits, boardshorts, watches, apparel, and travel gear dedicated to all those who Live The Search... Our mission is to support the attitudes & aspirations of those people on The Search... We want to arm those who want to live the search with the best gear possible... Our mission is to support the attitudes & aspirations of those people on The Search... We want to arm those who want to live the search with the best gear possible... 1969 Clothing (brand)

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