Woah, paddles just got technical, if you are into fitness and racing this could be the onboard coach you’ve been looking for! Jim Terrell legendary paddler and innovator has joined forces with Motionize to build a paddle that can give you full feedback on every detail of your stroke and your session!

“Bringing together decades of paddling research and technology, Quickblade in partnership with Motionize presents the Smart Paddle. An all encompassing solution for paddlers looking increase the efficiency of their stroke. The Smart Paddle sensor ships mounted into our adjustable shafts and pairs to your smart phone giving you an on board coach for your paddle workouts or races. Using technology from Motionize we are able to give you in real time your blade angle, distance per stroke, speed and GPS track. Now we are bringing the technology of the future into paddling to create a better paddler.” – Jim Terrell

Wed 25th Jan, 2017 @ 3:30 pm

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