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Quickblade Paddles


5 years ago

The Battle Of the Paddle is one of the biggest SUP races in the world. One could describe the event as carnage from the word…

6 years ago

Let's keep it on a conservation tip today, why the hell not! this inspiring edit from Quickblade Paddles features legendary ocean explorer, Jacques Cousteau reminding…

6 years ago

When it comes to paddle choice, the options can be overwhelming! There are so many different shapes and designs it's hard to know where to…

6 years ago

Ever wondered what it is like behind the scenes at the Quickblade HQ? Wonder no more as legendary paddler, innovator and creator Jim Terell takes…

6 years ago

Spring is here and many of us will be venturing back to the water after a bit of time off over the winter. It's a…

6 years ago

This is one of the most awe-inspiring films we've seen in a long time! Casper Steinfath paddles from Denmark to Norway over some seriously challenging seas…

6 years ago

Check out all the highlights from the APP Maui Pro Am in one handy place! We've got videos of the all the racing from the weekend…

6 years ago

Sign us up! We want to go on a downwinder in Barbados, mind you who wouldn't want to go and paddle in Barbados! Paddle Barbados arranges…

6 years ago

Careful where you keep your sandwiches, especially when there are racoon's around! This cheeky little fella decided something smelled tasty in Jenna's day pack, so…

6 years ago

Remember the Smart Paddle we showed you yesterday, well in this clip Jim Terrell goes into great detail about how it works and how it…

6 years ago

Woah, paddles just got technical, if you are into fitness and racing this could be the onboard coach you've been looking for! Jim Terrell legendary…

6 years ago

How much fun does this look! Like SUP downwinding but in a crew... Awesome. A 26 mile course from D.T. Fleming Beach Park on Maui…

Issue 3

Casper Steinfath is a legend in our great sport, hailing from Denmark he’s a huge Viking with a big heart, we chat to him about racing, cold water and his third ISA World Championships win!

6 years ago

We designed and created the strongest, lightest paddles on 75% of the planet.

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