Watch this epic edit by Shane and Jackson Dorian! Looks like the best 72 hours of my whole life, combined!

If we gave you 72 hours to create an entertaining surf edit–from conception to final cuts–do you think you could do it? Fifteen, twenty years ago, most people would’ve balked at the challenge, citing expensive costs or confusing technology as valid excuses. But with the advent of user-friendly (and budget-friendly) camera gear, nearly anyone can string together surf footage and make something memorable that they can watch over and over again.

Last month, we put this hypothesis to the test and tasked two groups of surfers to create an edit in the short timespan of 72 hours. We gave each crew a GoPro Hero6, a Karma drone, and various handheld accessories. With less than a week’s notice, each team had to pick a place for an off-the-grid surf adventure, gather the best surf (and non-surf) shots possible, and then stitch everything together in the Quik video editing application—all within an extended weekend.

The first team we chose was Shane Dorian and his son Jackson. Because we wanted to know: is their fun, rugged philosophy of outdoor living their real life? Accompanied by POV specialist Anthony Walsh, the outdoorsy father-son duo explored the remote crevices of a tropical destination, camping, shredding, hiking, hunting(?), and cliff-diving along the way. Not surprisingly, after we watched their footage, this weekend didn’t vary too far from what a typical day looks like for the Dorian boys.

We wanted the other team to be slightly different from the Dorians. A bit spicier. Maybe a little more southern-hemi. So we chose the Gold Coast’s Brodie Sweeney and Brent “Midget Magic” Dorrington, otherwise affectionately known as part of the Mad Hueys. But still, we found ourselves asking a similar question: is their trademark Huey ruckus an honest depiction of the crew’s real life? For their off-the-grid location of choice, Brenno and Sweeny, alongside filmer and Hueys co-founder Joel Scott, took a quick flight to Southern Australia for a weekend of remote, empty beachbreaks. And, unlike the Dorians’ adventure, the Mad Hueys’ stayed busy between sessions with many cases of beer.

The final edits for each team are featured below, in all their resourceful, quick-witted beauty. Who do you think made the most of their 72 Hours?

Filmed and Edited by Anthony Walsh/, Shane and Jackson Dorian with @GoPro Hero6 and Karma Drone

Sun 19th Nov, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

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