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2 weeks ago

Join Kai Lenny for a few sessions of alternative riding... Bouncing between his SUP Surfboard and strapped board at different spots in Uluwatu!

2 months ago

Big Wave Surfing has consequences; sometimes, you can't outrun the monster waves, and your Jet Ski gets destroyed on the rocks. Fortunately, there are amazing…

5 months ago

The waves weren't huge, but they were perfect. No wind and an abundance of sets - Watch Kai Lenny take on Jaws! Music: Glory And…

5 months ago

Peahi, aka Jaws, is always notorious for big sets late in the afternoon. Most of the time, everyone gets trapped inside. However, sometimes someone is…

6 months ago

Felt so good to surf JAWS again. Conditions were perfect with no wind, a rare occurrence for Maui. My first wave was a barrel after…

6 months ago

Crazy east swell hit Maui and lit up a few fickle zones that provided good walls for carves, sections for airs and occasionally a slabbing…

6 months ago

Would you give this a try? Kai Lenny recently got a 17-foot inflatable SUPsquatch, so he called up some friends, and they took it out…

7 months ago

When Kai Lenny drops an edit titled Sending Foil DOUBLE Backflips - You watch it. FACT! Filmed by Marc Chambers

8 months ago

30 seconds of PURE Kai Lenny big wave surfing Jaws action!