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10 months ago

Crazy east swell hit Maui and lit up a few fickle zones that provided good walls for carves, sections for airs and occasionally a slabbing…

10 months ago

Would you give this a try? Kai Lenny recently got a 17-foot inflatable SUPsquatch, so he called up some friends, and they took it out…

11 months ago

When Kai Lenny drops an edit titled Sending Foil DOUBLE Backflips - You watch it. FACT! Filmed by Marc Chambers

12 months ago

30 seconds of PURE Kai Lenny big wave surfing Jaws action!

1 year ago

Kai Lenny gets a last-minute call to surf Kelly's Wave Pool with Zion Wright and Jamie O'Brien. Was it worth the trip? Find out here!…

1 year ago

Kai & Ridge Lenny practice Jet Ski rescue training for Big Wave Surfing - watch this!

1 year ago

Who says surfing has RULES - Sure, etiquette is important in the lineup, but we all know not everyone plays by those rules. As far…

1 year ago

The longer the waves, the better they are for riding a Hydrofoil. Thankful they are sandy points so I could walk back to the top…

1 year ago

Before Kelly Slater's Wave Pool, these point breaks were the pinnacle of long perfect waves. Even though they're in the ocean these eight points feel…