Blake Olsen ventures out on his second Lift e-foil session. What was going to be a short session turned out to be pretty eventful!

“Yesterday was my second day taking out our Lift e-foils. I had two sessions, one in the morning on the gulf and the other at the Pass at sunset. Hilary and I caught it right as the sun was going down and it wasn’t that spectacular of a sunset but still a great time.

As I was heading out, a pod of dolphins started jumping out of the water and playing with me. I cruised the pass, weaved under the bridge, went out to the pier heads, and as I was wrapping up remembered that I had a Nocqua Adventure Gear led light in the car. What was going to be a short session turned into a full hour on the water and I didn’t even use up half the battery.

Loving these e-foils and the possibilities they present when there is no wind!” – Blake Olsen

Thu 12th Dec, 2019 @ 3:30 pm

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