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Freedom Foil Boards Techno

Watch this on something bigger and louder than your phone! Albee Layer recently suffered a head injury at jaws. Albee shared this edit as a form of therapy, trying to figure out where to go from here. “I do know I wouldn’t trade the moments I’ve had so far for anything in the world.” – Albee

“It’s a month out and we are still not sure how well I’m recovering. After talking with several doctors the basic analysis is if I continue the next 5-10 years like I have the last 5-10 years I am at very high risk for CTE and other brain-related complications.

I was already planning to make this edit but it came at a very important time. Going through several years of highlights and slams has helped me start to look at some big questions, mainly is it worth it. Are the highs of surfing this wave now, worth the physical and mental pain it’s very likely to cause later in life, and… I HAVE NO IDEA. I wish I did but I don’t. I’m sure like everything in life it’s about finding a balance.

As of right now I fully intend to get back out there and redeem myself but I also know if I make a few more of the same mistakes I’ll end up not being able to do a lot of the things I love to do, or surf “small” waves good again.” – Albee

Cinematography: Dan Norkunas

Edit: Albee Layer
Sound Design: Cody Carter
Additional Footage: Jace Panebianco, Elliot Leboe, Jon Spenser and Chris Bryan
Music: Sometimes you’re the hammer, sometimes you’re the nail by A Day To Remember

Wed 5th Feb, 2020 @ 6:30 pm

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