It would have been quick and easy to produce an Inflatable Foil Board that delivers 30% of the performances of a rigid one, but GONG wanted to provide the best solution to combine the high performance of a Full Carbon Board with the simplicity of an inflatable one.

One year of prototyping later, hundreds of hours of testing and engineering, complex moulds for a stunning result:

  • the weight of a rigid board
  • the rigidity of the carbon composite
  • the easy storage of an inflatable
  • the strength of the drop stitch
  • Patent on this unique combination of the best of both star technologies.

GONG innovates again and again with a complete range from 40L to 200L that will deliver the best possible performances with an Inflatable Foilboard for Surf, Kite, SUP and Wing.

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Thu 2nd Jul, 2020 @ 12:30 pm

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