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2 weeks ago

3 minutes of PURE stoke!  

1 month ago

Young gun Malo Beryl making it look way too easy during a tropical session on his Matata 3CS and Allvator surf foil.

2 months ago

L'Ours enjoying his GONG WingFoil set up this weekend!

2 months ago

l'Ours shares all that you need to know to do a 360° Carve! Equipment: GONG SUPFoil Zuma Iguana, GONG Surfoil Allvator, and GONG Wing 5m…

3 months ago

Cross stepping, noserides, 360° Helico… Malo’s having a blast at his home spot! Surfer: Malo on his GONG Surf 9'0 Moodrive EPS & 9'6 Pampa…

3 months ago

Béryl, Volodia and l'Ours enjoying their local playground!

3 months ago

Diane, Malo and l'Ours stoked on their GONG Wing 3m Original and GONG Wing 5m Plus in 30-35 knots!

4 months ago

The secret of the Wing is to have your hands well placed. Here’s a Tutorial Video that will help to explain where your hands should…

5 months ago

Malo Beryl and L'Ours enjoy their wings and foils in 10-15 knots. Wingers : Malo Beryl and L'Ours on Matata, Zuma and Catch, Allvator foil…