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2 months ago

With winds gusting 55 knots, and 25 minutes of l'Ours getting battered by the shorebreak, a torn wing but somehow the 360° cam is intact!…

2 months ago

Who said you need kickers to jump with a wingfoil?

2 months ago

GONG team rider, Mathieu showing off his homespot. Can anyone guess the spot?

2 months ago

Cold Autumn North Westerly delivering the goods! Learning to pump to try and get through the lulls with some spectacular fails and learning speed control…

4 months ago

The performance of the rigid with the advantages of the inflatable! - A 100KG on an inflatable board and it doesn't bend - L'Ours proves!…

5 months ago

Malo and his GONG Evolt taking full advantage of the conditions on offer!

5 months ago

Béryl and Malo getting in some lethal turns with their Lethal foils - enjoy the ride!

5 months ago

Béryl and his GONG Lethal custom foilboard!

5 months ago

Lightwind sessions in 6 - 8 knots - You have no excuse not to be on the water now! Riders: L’Ours and Malo with their…