Watch Zane Schweitzer wingfoiling at one of his favourite spots on West Maui on his 5m Airush x Starboard Windwing + 4’8″ Starboard Foilsurf board + AK Durable Supply Co Foil 1300 front wing 70cm mast practising 360 aerials frontside and backside.

“Meeting up with creators like Adam Kelvin locally in my community is always a blast. In this edit by Adam, he shot from the water with his Canon 1DX for about an hour during my training session where my goal specifically was to dial in my front side and backside 360s. Don’t get dizzy- Adam and I only included like 1/4 of the manoeuvres thrown that day too- but still, hope it’s not too repetitive… At the end of the day, repetition is a big part of my process when locking in new manoeuvres!” For online Hydrofoil Coaching please contact me! – Zane

Mon 10th Aug, 2020 @ 12:30 pm

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