Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

Pro Rider

2 days ago

Join us for a day in the life of Zane Schweitzer as he explores the coast of Hawaii, taking advantage of the conditions on the…

4 weeks ago

Starboard SUP team Rider Zane Kekoa Schweitzer takes the Starboard Air Foil out for a home spin on Maui. Designed for wing foiling but is…

1 month ago

In this review, 2X Ultimate Waterman Zane Schweitzer talks us through the NEW Starboard Spice! The all-new Starboard SPICE has finished R&D and is now…

2 months ago

Watah Man by Kim Schweitzer! (Hawaiian Waterman Music Video Tribute) Music video directed by Matty Schweitzer Island Eye Productions LYRICS Water man hes a waterman…

2 months ago

Explore Hawaii's coast with Zane Schweitzer on his new AK Phazer foilboard as he takes advantage of the perfect conditions! The Phazer foilboard is a…

5 months ago

One of the most critical steps of any session is risk assessment and risk management, whether you're wing foiling, kiteboarding, foiling, or surfing. Zane Schweitzer…

6 months ago

It's a blast to watch Zane Schweitzer rip some of South Africa's best lines! AK Durable Supply Co. and FreeWing met with the Hawaiian waterman…

7 months ago

FreeWing has announced the Nitro has arrived! The Nitro is a lightweight, ultra-responsive, and durable wing designed for riders looking to take freestyle and wingsurf…

7 months ago

'How To Pump on a Hydrofoil with Zane Schweitzer. - In the third episode, Zane shows us how to pump efficiently on a hydrofoil. You…

8 months ago

Episode 2 is out! In this episode, Zane Schweitzer shows us how to beach start on a hydrofoil safely and efficiently. In this hydrofoil beach…

8 months ago

The FreeWing Nitro by Starboard X Airush - coming Spring 2022. Expect Everything! The Nitro Wing features cutting-edge designs with innovative materials to offer wingfoilers…

9 months ago

Grab a seat; you're in for a treat. Join us as we dive into the world of Maui born waterman Zane Schweitzer. Filmmaker Tao Farren-Hefer…


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