Prolimit Wingfoil Session Boardbag

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Prolimit Wingfoil Session Boardbag

Introducing the FreeWing PRO – rigid, durable, and fast. The PRO is their finest-tuned performance wing for wingfoil racing, but it is still very easy for everyday riders looking to go fast. Featuring Clement Colmas, Liam Dunkerbeck, Orane Ceris & Zane Schweitzer – Watch this!

The PRO canopy is built using low stretch, X-ply technology.

X-ply is a composite material with the least possible bias distortion under load, meaning it barely has any stretch or warp.

X-ply creates a durable, taught and fast wing canopy that doesn’t stretch over its lifetime and is extra locked in for racing. In addition, the X-ply material is designed for impact, able to take on a beating from boards and foils, which generally would destroy a canopy.

The X-ply canopy is combined with a Ho’okipa Ultra PE airframe for the best possible performance.

Hookipa is a unique composite built with a reliable woven structure, supercharged through Ultra-PE fibres, which are 32x stronger than polyester at the same weight.

This tensile strength allows a Hookipa leading edge & strut to be inflated to significantly higher pressures, creating a lighter and more responsive wing than anything else on the market.

The high-pressure leading edge has a reduced diameter for minimum drag and higher speeds.

The ultra-stiff X-ply canopy and Ho’okipa airframe generate direct energy transfer giving the Pro incredible low-end power, rapid acceleration and maximum top-end speed.

The Pro features an increased aspect ratio generating a more efficient wing and delivering more power in all conditions.

The high-tension wing tips offer strong and rigid performance under extreme loading and improved upwind ability.

The long handles are easy to grab and allow you to get into the perfect position in all wind conditions. In addition, harness line loops enable riders to be completely locked in and ride fully powered for longer without fatigue.

The Pro is fine-tuned and lightweight, designed for racers and easy enough for anybody to use.

Available in 4 sizes (3, 4, 5, 6m) and constructed with the durable X-ply canopy and Ho’okipa Ultra PE airframe.

For the ultimate performance.

Edit by Georgia Schofield // Shot by Georgia Schofield & Matty Schweitzer

Mon 12th Dec, 2022 @ 12:30 pm

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