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Watah Man by Kim Schweitzer!

(Hawaiian Waterman Music Video Tribute)

Music video directed by Matty Schweitzer Island Eye Productions


Water man hes a waterman
riding all the waves as fast as he can
Wata man we call him Wata man
Takin all the plastic in the sand
Wata man our favorite waterman
See you from a mile away and bring you back to land
Wata man the crazy Wata man
He can do it all hes a wata maaaan

Kahana boy he was raised on this aina
You coulda thought he was born in the wataaaa
He flew around the world and conquerrr
New Zealand bounds became the ultimate hammah
360 in the sky he’s a foil to I die
5 times he won in Dominicana
Beneath the surface, you can learn within
Broken moulds the legends of the wind

Wheres the wataman call the wata man we need the wata man

My lovah man he took me by the hand
Showed me the world and told me I can
Im on your wave now thats all I crave
We sealed our love on 808

Sat 17th Sep, 2022 @ 12:30 pm

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