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Tonic Mag Hoody and T-Shirt

Foils are one of the most exciting concepts to see significant innovation over the last few years. AK’s love for the sport has inspired a range of foils and boards suitable for crossover use in surf, wake, pump, and wind sports.

Foil surfing has opened up the playground and allowed us to utilise the smallest waves, flattest lakes, and light wind conditions to bring a new sensation to performance surfing. Our Freeride, Carving, and Surf foils have proven to be industry-leading in finding the perfect balance between performance, ease of use, and durability. We have seen the Freeride foil winning kite races at a national level, and we now offer a full carbon mast for the performance riders looking for an upgrade.

The Surf foil has hit the sweet spot; as a foil that is easy enough to learn how to surf, kite, wing, and pumps with ease, while having the best top-end speed in its class. We have introduced a new 2000cm size for this season, ideal for the heavier riders, as well as wing riding on bigger boards.

The new high aspect foils have been crafted as the performance choice for the advanced rider with, Zane Schweitzer putting his name behind 1300 as his ultimate foil for his blend of pumping, surf foiling, and winging. These are shipped standard with our new Carbon mast, engineered to perfection.

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Fri 20th Nov, 2020 @ 9:30 am

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