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The power of the ocean is INCREDIBLE. If you like watching anything to do with water & waves we guarantee you’ll enjoy this one.

The Wedge got slammed by the La Bomba Swell today. It was predicted to be pretty large and this morning did not disappoint. There were some great waves ridden but mostly a lot of carnage. There were some very heavy shorebreak closeouts that all the local guys were packing. Addy Giddings took a bad early beating and we are glad he is recovering. Jamie O’Brien showed up but not in typical fashion. With a knee in recovery he decided to ditch the surfboard and ride a bodyboard. Overall Everyone was having a lot of fun with the largest swell of the year… So far.

Hope you enjoy.

Surfers include: Daniel Hughes, Brad Domke, Blair Conklin, Mitchell Grant, Addy Giddings, Dawson Tylers, Mike Harris, Zach Levine Tyler Stanaland, Tyler Gunter, Jamie O’Brien and more

Bodyboarders: JJ Ayala, Parker Mendenhall and more

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